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Music for Inspiration and Reflection: Our 2016 Playlist

Each week in Mercy eNews, the online newsletter of Mercy International Association, we publish a video clip of a hymn or song that is inspiring, reflective or prayerful. Here's the complete collection from 2016, listed as published week by week.
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And as we celebrate,
let us remember

Come Down Moses by Shane Howard

Watch/listen here

A Song and Appeal for the children of Syria

Warning: distressing images of war

Credit: Aleppo Media Centre (AMC).
Image used with permission


iStock. Used under licence

  iStock. Used under licence


 19 December:

What Christmas deserves - a big band sound!

My Favourite Time of Year from The Florin Street Band, a unique Victorian-themed Christmas music project (04:29). Watch/listen here (04:29) Purchase on *iTunes; Amazon; *GooglePlay

14 December:

Mi Alma Esta Sedienta / My Soul Is Thirsting by Tony Alonso. Listen here (04:19).


 7 December:

Michael Mullink
and Michael Vrazel are music ministers at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where this song was recorded. 'Holy Mary Mother of God' was written for Marian Feast Days such as the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Watch/Listen here (05:54). Purchase on *iTunes Lyrics here

30 November:

300 patients, families, staff and volunteers from 18 London hospices have formed a multi-generational hospice choir and recorded a cover of 'The Living Years' alongside Paul Carrack, inspired by the important conversations that take place between the generations in the hospice environment. Read more about the project. Watch/listen here (05:42). Pre-order the song here: Amazon (physical); Amazon (digital); *iTunes

 23 November:

Open Wide The Doors/Abre Bien Las Puertas by John Angotti. This song is included in the Foundation Day ritual. Learn/listen to it here (03:05). Purchase on *iTunes and on *GooglePlay

 16 November:

Psalm 91 'Be With Me, Lord' Marty Haugen. Watch/listen here (3:00)

 9 November:

'Love Goes On' by Bernadette Farrell. Video clip with lyrics. Watch/listen here (02:31). Purchase on *iTunes; *Google Play

 2 November:

For this week when we remember and celebrate All Saints and All Souls, here is 'Standing on the Shoulders' by Joyce Rouse (aka Earth Mama). Watch/listen here (04:40). Purchase on *iTunes; *Google Play. Lyrics here

 26 October:

'Let there be light where there was darkness,
Let there be love where there was hate,
Even in the terrors of the night,
Sooner or later, comes the day'
sings Chris de Burgh in People of the World. Watch/listen here (03:49) Lyrics are here

 19 October:

The Calais Sessions is the recent album that resulted from the collaboration between the professional UK and amateur refugee musicians in the 'jungle' camp at Calais to raise spirits and funds. Har dil jo pyar karega’ - ‘Every Heart that loves’ can be watched/ heard here (03:13)

 12 October:

Michael Jackson Tribute - 'Heal The World' - Child Prodigy Cover. Watch/listen here (06:44) Lyrics

 5 October:

Evening Prayer (Prayer to close a long day). Watch/listen here (02:54). The text of the prayer can be read here. 

 28 September:

'We Will All' by Sandra McCracken Watch/listen here (05:15).

iStock. Used under licence

 23 September:

Mercy Day


 21 September:

'With your Grace' by Gina Ogilvie & Monica O'Brien. Watch/listen here (02.04)

 14 September:

'No Fear in Love' is a song is by Steffany Gretzinger. Watch/listen here (03:15). Lyrics here. Purchase on
*iTunes; *GooglePlay

 7 September:

'I Shall Not Want' by Audrey Asaad. Watch/listen here (04:22). Lyrics here. Purchase on *iTunes; *GooglePlay

 31 August:

Creation Calls. Music by Brian Doerksen, video reflection by Michelle Sherliza op Watch/listen here (06:14) Purchase on *iTunes; *GooglePlay

 24 August:

One Voice
, sung by Elektra Women's Choir (03:22). Watch/listen here (includes lyrics). Purchase on *iTunes; *GooglePlay


 17 August:

Over the Rhine perform "Let It Fall". Watch/listen here. (04:18). Lyrics here. Purchase on *iTunes on *GooglePlay

 10 August:

'Go Light Your World'  by Kathy Troccoli Watch/listen here (04:02). Lyrics here. Purchase on *iTunes

 3 August:

Welcome to this Circle
by Trish Bruxvoort Colligan. Watch/listen here (03:32)

 27 July:

Don't Walk Away (Human Trafficking Song) by Meg Ammons. Watch/listen here (04:35)

 iStock. Used under licence


 20 July:

O Christ, Surround Me by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan. A song of sending or invocation. Watch/listen here (03:22).
Purchase on *iTunes *Google Play

 13 July:

Hillsong UNITED launch their Visual Album "Of Dirt And Grace - Live From The Land" on 15 July. Track 8 Prince of Peace recorded Live in Israel - From A Golan Heights Memorial Of War & By The Shining Lights of The Old City and with footage from Lebanon, is now available. Watch/listen here (08:04)

 6 July:

''This is a Son'
by Jody McBrayer.
A song about homelessness. Watch/listen here.
Lyrics here Purchase on *iTunes

 29 June:


Special Issue of Mercy eNews

 22 June:

'Open My Eyes' by Jesse Manibusan (English/Vietnamese/Spanish). Watch/listen here (04:00)

 15 June:

Canticle of the Sun (Marty Haugen) in celebration of Laudato Si' week).
Reflection by Michelle Sherliza OP.
Watch/listen here (03:30).

 8 June:

The official song for the 4 Jubilee Tours of Rome in this Year of Mercy. Watch/listen to The Jubilee Routes Ave Maria (03:37) composed by Romano Musumarra, words of Grant Black.

 1 June:

'Wood hath hope'
. Music by John Foley sj; lyrics based on a poem by
Caryll Houselander.
Listen here (02:32)


 25 May:

'We're All In This Together' (Ben Lee) Music Video. Watch/listen here (05:04). A Song of Hope for Humanity and a Better World. Listen on Soundcloud.  Purchase on Carolyn McDade. Video reflection for this Pentecost Season by Michelle Sherliza op here (02:45)

 18 May:

'Spirit of Life' by Carolyn McDade. Video reflection for this Pentecost Season by Michelle Sherliza op here (02:45)


 11 May:

'The wide universe is the ocean I travel And the earth is my blue boat home' from Blue Boat Home. Written and sung by Peter Mayer, Minnesota Folk Singer-Songwriter. Watch/listen here (03:59).
Purchase on * iTunes *Google Play
Lyrics here

 4 May:

Acknowledging in
song our pain for the world. For the Mothers by Betsy Rose with the Womansong chorus. Listen here (04:51)

 27 April:

'Spirit of Life.' Written by Carolyn McDade and sung here by All Souls Choir. Video reflection by Michelle Sherliza op. Watch/listen here


 20 April:

You're the Voice - An Anthem from Women For Climate Action & Hope celebrates the power of women to be changemakers and leaders on climate action. Be inspired by this powerful performance by women of all ages and from many cultures. Watch/Listen here (05:12) then you might like to add your name to the 1million women campaign for climate change here

 13 April:

The Cat Stevens classic 'Morning has Broken'. Watch/listen here (03:18). Purchase on *iTunes

 6 April:

'Where Have You Hidden, Beloved' based on the Song of the Soul and the Bridegroom by John of the Cross. Sung by John Michael Talbot. Watch/listen here (04:05)

 30 March:

'I am the Bread of Life' by Suzanne Toolan rsm. Watch/listen here (03:09)
Purchase on * iCloud *GooglePlay


 23 March:

'Jesus Remember Me'. Video reflection for Good Friday by Michelle Sherliza OP. Music by Taize. Watch/listen here (03:20) Purchase music: *iTunes *Google Play

 16 March:

So familiar to so many of us, but what other song could we recommend on St Patrick's Day eve? Here then is Shaun Davey's wonderful version of the 'Deer's Cry' (from the prayer attributed to St Patrick), from the CD 'The Pilgrim', sung superbly by Rita Connolly.
Watch/listen here (04:05) Purchase on *iTunes *GooglePlay


 9 March:

'Words of life, words of hope give us strength, help us cope in this world where'er we roam. Ancient words will guide us home.'
From Ancient Words' (Lynn de Shazo) sung by Robin Mark.(03:30). Purchase on *iTunes


 2 March:

'God of Mercy Chant'
as heard in the First Station of Mercy. Watch/listen to the recording here (02:37).


24 February:

Award-winning Australian musician, Missy Higgins has released her newest song, titled 'Oh Canada', which is about 3 year old Syrian refugee Alan (originally reported as Aylan) Kurdi and his family's plight for sanctuary. The video clip of the song includes drawings by children in a Caritas program in Damascus, Syria. Watch it here(04:46). Lyrics are accessible under the 'Show more' button. Purchase on *iTunes 

17 February:

Saturday, 20 February, is
World Day of Social Justice.
The reflection 'Woman United in Spirit and Justice' created to the song Woman's Spirit by Karen Drucker uses strong justice visuals (e.g. Tar Sands, Equal Pay, Kentucky Pipeline) and is suitable for use to mark this day. It could also be suitable to use on International Women's Day. Watch/listen here (04:05). Purchase the song: *iTunes *GooglePlay

iStock. Used under licence

 10 February:

A reflection has been prepared by Catholic Healthcare USA for
World Day of the Sick using Marty Haugen's 'Healer of our Every Ill'  Watch it here (02:52). Purchase the song here *iTunes *GooglePlay Lyrics can be found here

 3 February:

Watch/listen to this superb performance of Bogoroditse Devo, Raduysia (Rejoice,O Virgin Mother of God) composed by Sergey Khvoshchinsky. This stunning version of the Hail Mary in Russian was recorded by the vocal ensemble From Age to Age,  (04:16). Be uplifted.

27 January:

'beautiful world circling infinitely
fragment of sun marbled in blue
turning in time and tuned like a symphony
beautiful stars beautiful view...'

From the song 'Beautiful World' on the album of the same name by singer/songwriter Eliza Gilkyson. Watch/listen here (06:27). Lyrics here Purchase on *iTunes *GooglePlay

Thumbnail image: iStock. Used under licence