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The Season of Mercy (24 September-12 December) overlaps with the Season of Creation (1 September-4 October).

We invited Mary Wickham rsm (ISMAPNG) to take the two key themes Displacement of Persons and Degradation of Earth which emerged 'out of the sacred listening and contemplative dialogue in which the MIRP groups engaged' and create a reflective narrative as a resource for us all to use on our around Mercy Day, another designated 'pivotal moment for global communication and reflection' (MIRP Review p.3).

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Complete Narrative: A4 paper size (PDF); US Letter size (PDF)

Final prayer - sheetA4 paper size (PDF); US letter size (PDF)
Final prayer - bookmark: with bleed (PDF); without bleed (PDF)

Complete Narrative: A4 paper size(PDF); US letter size (PDF)

Final prayer: A4 paper size (PDF); US letter size (PDF)
Final prayer - bookmark: with bleed (PDF); without bleed (PDF)

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