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Towards a UN Global Compact on Migration

Announcements: May 22, 2017

During the September 2016 UN Summit in New York, Member States agreed on a powerful set of plans to address the issue of Migration. The outcome document is referred to as the New York Declaration.

A key initiative within this declaration for Refugees and Migrants was the commitment to undertake intergovernmental negotiations during 2017 in order to create a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular migration. This Global Impact is set to be adopted at an international migration conference in 2018.

Mercy Global Action at the UN will represent the Sisters of Mercy worldwide at these governmental negotiations which will consist of thematic sessions and multi-stakeholder sessions beginning in May 2017.

The themes for the sessions include the following:
1) Addressing drivers of migration, including adverse effects of climate change, natural disasters and human-made crises, through protection and assistance, sustainable development, poverty eradication, conflict prevention and resolution (May 2017).

2) International cooperation and governance of migration in all its dimensions, including at borders, on transit, entry, return, readmission, integration and reintegration (June 2017).

3) Contributions of migrants and diasporas to all dimensions of sustainable development, including remittances and portability of earned benefits (July 2017).

4) Smuggling of migrants, trafficking in persons and contemporary forms of slavery, including appropriate identification, protection and assistance to migrants and trafficking victims (September 2017).
5) Irregular migration and regular pathways including decent work, labour mobility, recognition of skills and qualifications and other relevant matters (October 2017).

Messages to: Angela Reed rsm - MGA Coordinator at the UN

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