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UN Women: Consultation Seeking Views on UN Women Approach to Sex Work, the Sex Trade and Prostitution

Announcements: October 02, 2016

UN women is currently undergoing a consultation which seeks views on sex work, the sex trade and prostitution. All are invited to make their own personal response and /or NGO response by 16 October 2016.

The consultation consists of responding to three specific questions in relation to sex work, the sex trade and prostitution. Angela Reed rsm is currently preparing a response on behalf of Mercy Global Action at the UN. The focus of this particular response will largely be on what formerly trafficked women say about these terms and the importance of listening to these voices. Their narratives indicate that the experience of being trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation reflects a life time of cumulative disadvantage, stigmatisation and marginalization. The MGA response will argue that the term ‘sex work’ conceals the abusive and exploitative nature that many formerly prostituted women experience.

Please feel free to send Angela any comments suggestion which you wish to be considered for inclusion in the statement. These will need to be sent to Sr Angela on or before 10 October as the deadline for submission to UN Women is 16 October 2016. Sr Angela will do her best to incorporate all information that she receives. The NGO response is limited to 1500 words. You may also be interested in making a personal response or a response on behalf of your NGO/ agency.

Full details of the Consultation can be found here (PDF)

Messages to: Angela Reed rsm - Interim Coordinator, MGA at the UN

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