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16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

Special Reports | November 19, 2017

MIA at the UN - Mercy Global Action Newsletter #6 Online

Reports | October 29, 2017

MIA at the UN - Mercy Global Action is publishing a newsletter of its activities. Selected reports from the newsletter are published in the weekly MercyeNews with the complete edition published here at the end of each month.

Overview of Field Visits to Western and South Central Provinces, 5-14 October

Reports | October 28, 2017

Denise Boyle fmdm, MIA-Global Action office in Dublin, was joined by Angela Reed rsm from our office in NY for the two field visits

NGO Mining Working Group Sub-committee Meetings

Reports | October 24, 2017

MIA Global Action at the UN is a member of two sub-committees within the NGO Mining Working Group focusing on issues surrounding corporate accountability and the human right to water.

MIA- MGA at the UN Co-Sponsors and Participates in Trafficking Side-Event

Reports | October 15, 2017

On Monday September the 25th, Mercy International Association, Global Action at the UN, co-sponsored an event at the United Nations, entitled, ‘Children on the Move: Preventing Child Trafficking by Implementing the UN Global Plan of Action’.

Angela Reed rsm Attends the 5th Thematic Session on Migration in Vienna, Austria

Reports | October 01, 2017

The 5th intergovernmental session working towards the 2018 Global Compact on Migration took place at UN Vienna on 4-5 September 2017.

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