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Updates on the Intergovernmental Negotiations Towards a Global Compact on Migration

Reports | June 15, 2018

The fourth round in May began with completing a read through of the Draft Rev 1 followed by an opportunity to have a practical discussion surrounding some migration policy areas that had been left unsettled

Update on the Sustainable Development Goals

Briefing Notes | June 03, 2018

Preparing for the High Level Political Forum’s Review of the Sustainable Development Goals

MIA - Mercy Global Action Newsletter #12 Online

Reports | June 03, 2018

MIA at the UN - Mercy Global Action is publishing a newsletter of its activities. Selected reports from the newsletter are published in the weekly MercyeNews with the complete edition published here at the end of each month.

A Mercy Immersion in Guyana: A Reflection

Reports | May 19, 2018

At the invitation of Sr Karen Schneider MD, I had the privilege of travelling to Guyana and participating in Mercy Medical Mission.

Permanent People’s Tribunal on Human Rights, Fracking and Climate Change May 14-18, 2018

Announcements | May 03, 2018

Our hope and prayer is that the outcome of this PPT session will bring about the urgently needed changes to the fracking industry and therefore to people’s lives. These changes will need to be facilitated by concerned decision makers within government at State and Federal levels.

Intergovernmental Negotiations Towards a Global Compact on Migration

Reports | April 23, 2018

Since our last update in March, there have been two rounds of intergovernmental negotiations towards a Global Compact on Migration.

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