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July 27

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We have to make decisions Catherine never faced but for which she has empowered us.

M Celeste Rouleau

  • September 02

    We are your voice to speak consoling words to those in need.

    Suzanne Toolan

  • September 03

    It is God’s will that everyone called to his service should be happy.

    Catherine McAuley

  • September 04

    We must begin to recognise the involvement of God in our human community and culture.

    Marie Chin

  • September 05

    It is better to relieve a hundred imposters if there be such, than to suffer one really distressed person to be sent away empty.

    Mary de Chantal McCann

  • September 06

    Being poor and living with the poor, Catherine was not merely a kind benefactor, but a friend.

    M Carmel Bourke

  • September 07

    The progress of a society is tied to its ability to hope.

    Helen Amos

  • September 08

    We should have the most tender devotion to the blessed Mother of our Redeemer.

    Catherine McAuley

  • September 09

    Sometimes a zephyr, sometimes a mighty gale – God’s spirit can nudge our timid choices, strengthen our frail resolve, reverse any misdirected course.

    Doris Gottemoeller

  • September 10

    Catherine somehow understood that most poor were not responsible for their own misery.

    Joanna Regan