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March 28

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Prayer must come from God….we must beg it continually.

Catherine McAuley

  • April 07

    Catherine enjoyed freedom of spirit in accomplishing the works of mercy. In tune with God ..., she moved forward with works and moved back from them as circumstances dictated.

    Mary Daly

  • April 08

    If a prudent, cautious beginning is made, there is every prospect of success.

    Catherine McAuley

  • April 09

    Though separated, our hearts will be united.

    M Cecilia Maher

  • April 10

    Need was Catherine’s touchstone; ministry response followed.

    M Joanna Regan

  • April 11

    I very much desire that nothing but perfect union and charity should exist amongst us.

    M Frances Warde

  • April 12

    Catherine "took to heart the people and places where she served."

    M Carmel Bourke

  • April 13

    Don’t let crosses vex or tease….

    Catherine McAuley

  • April 14

    Sisters of Mercy should be particularly kind - the kindest people on earth, with the tenderest pity and compassion for the poor.

    Catherine McAuley

  • April 15

    Be mild and sweet in all your ways….

    Catherine McAuley