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October 18

Today's Mercy Quote is…

Close to God, all is peace and contentment.

M Frances Warde

  • November 06

    The will of God be done in all things.

    M Ursula Frayne

  • November 07

    I endeavour to make this cross in some way like to His – by silence.

    Catherine McAuley

  • November 07

    We may depend upon it, the blessing of God will never attend any of our undertakings which are conducted in a hurried, impetuous manner.

    Catherine McAuley

  • November 08

    In relationships with others, actions speak more loudly than words.

    Patricia Pak Poy

  • November 09

    If we are humble and sincere God will finish in us the work He has begun, He never refuses His grace to those who ask it.

    Catherine McAuley

  • November 10

    Catherine led the way in education and in health. Her goals were clear – the ordinary service to the poor done extraordinarily well.

    Carmel Bourke

  • November 11

    Her first and last injunction to all was to preserve union and peace amongst each other - that if they did they would enjoy great happiness such as that they would wonder where it came from.

    Elizabeth Moore

  • November 12

    Humility is the medial barrier between zeal and ambition.

    M Lawrence Franklin

  • November 13

    It comforts me exceedingly to hear you are happy.

    Catherine McAuley