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March 17

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The best way to regard all happenings is as designed or at least permitted by God.

M Patricia O’Neill

  • March 27

    Catherine’s spiritual vision put no blame upon human instruments for the pain, sufferings and deprivation that entered her life.

    M Joanna Regan

  • March 28

    Prayer must come from God….we must beg it continually.

    Catherine McAuley

  • March 29

    If we desire to be truly merciful like Jesus, we must expect to suffer as he did.

    M Carmel Bourke

  • March 30

    We belong to God. All in us is his.

    'Familiar Instructions'

  • March 31

    The Charity of God would not avail us, if His Mercy did not come to our assistance.

    Catherine McAuley

  • April 01

    There are things the poor prize more highly than gold though they cost the donor nothing: the kind word, the gentle, compassionate look, and the patient hearing of sorrows.

    Catherine McAuley

  • April 02

    The strength of Catherine’s courage lay in her closeness to Jesus, in whose footsteps she was walking.

    M Carmel Bourke

  • April 03

    Pray that we may realise that we are poor, and for that reason we must love one another.

    M Bride Claire

  • April 04

    Catherine preferred to build bridges rather than erect barricades.

    Angela Bolster