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  • Feb 22, 1844

    Margaret O'Brien, Sr M Agatha, second woman received in Americas

  • Feb 22, 1911

    Re-opening of St Mary's Hospital, San Francisco after 1906 earthquake

  • Feb 23, 1855

    M Elizabeth Butler (Baggot St) died in the Crimea

  • Feb 23, 1856

    Death of Sr Elizabeth Butler from Liverpool of typhoid in Balaclava Hospital, Crimea.

  • Feb 23, 1874

    Foundation to Falls River, Massachusetts from Providence, Rhode Island - M Rose Brannigan

  • Feb 23, 1874

    Colaiste Ide, Dingle, Co Kerry, staffed from Balloonagh Tralee

  • Feb 24, 1854

    William McAuley, Catherine's nephew, married Jessie Tomkins, Colac

  • Feb 24, 1856

    Foundation to Buenos Aires, Argentina from Baggot St - M Evangelista Fitzpatrick

  • Feb 27, 1840

    M Clare Augustine Moore professed at Baggot St