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  • May 01, 1847

    Sr Bernard Dickson entered Bermondsey Convent, London. She ministered in Chelsea, the Crimea and NZ

  • May 01, 1855

    Foundation to Kilrush from Birr - M Anastasia Beckett/M Vincent Egan

  • May 01, 1862

    Foundation to Clara, Co Offaly from Tullamore - M Gertrude Dunne

  • May 01, 1880

    Foundation to Jamaica, West Indies from Cincinnatti

  • May 02, 1883

    Foundation to Sheffield from Commercial Rd, East London - Sr Scholastica McDonald.

  • May 02, 2000

    Trinity Health, Novi, Michigan, was launched when the Sisters of the Holy Cross and the Sisters of Mercy Regional Community of Detroit joined their health care ministries.

  • May 03, 1848

    Opening of first permanent Mercy convent in Australia - Perth, Western Australia

  • May 03, 1871

    Foundation to Carndonough from Derry, Northern Ireland

  • May 03, 1880

    Foundation to Adelaide, South Australia from Buenos Aires, Argentina - M Evangelista Fitzpatrick