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  • Nov 25, 1878

    Death of M Cecilia Maher, Foundress of Auckland

  • Nov 26, 1860

    Foundation to Gravesend, Kent from Bermondsey.

  • Nov 26, 1862

    Sisters take charge of Stanton Military Hospital during Civil War

  • Nov 26, 1878

    Foundation to Cappoquin from Wexford - M Catherine Devereaux

  • Nov 26, 1985

    Establishment of Mercy Associates, Auckland

  • Nov 27, 1893

    Foundation to Des Moines, Iowa from Davenport - M Elizabeth Butler

  • Nov 28, 1884

    Foundation to Grafton, Australia from Bermondsey - Sr Stanislaus Simson.

  • Nov 29, 1909

    Death of M Austin Carroll, Mobile (professed Cork, Foundress of Buffalo, writer of life of Catherine)

  • Nov 30, 1961

    Announcement of publication of a book of poems, Dialogue for Christmas Eve, the third published work of Sr. M. Edwardine O'Connor, head of the English department at Mercy College, Detroit, Michigan