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  • Mar 19, 1873

    St Joseph Hospital, Bedford, Massachusetss - M Borgia Douglas

  • Mar 19, 1895

    Groundbreaking ceremonies for St Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Mar 19, 1908

    Foundation to Romford, Essex from Brentwood, Essex.

  • Mar 20, 1871

    Foundation to Ennistymon from Gort, Co Galway

  • Mar 20, 1890

    Profession of first Sister in Gunnedah, M Berchmans Smart

  • Mar 20, 1993

    Profession of Elizabeth Mun Barrantes, first Peruvian Sister to enter Pittburgh community

  • Mar 22, 1855

    St Xavier Convent, Providence attacked by Know-Nothings

  • Mar 22, 1966

    Provincialate and novitiate moved from Detroit to Farmington Hills, Michigan

  • Mar 24, 1835

    Convent opened at Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) for Sisters to convalesce