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  • Jul 28, 1893

    Foundation to Sandy Point, West Newfoundland from Providence, Rhode Island - M Antonia Egan

  • Jul 28, 1981

    Swanbourne Road Convent, Sheffield founded - Sr Pauline O'Leary

  • Jul 30, 1916

    Death of M Patricia Waldron, Foundress of Merion community

  • Jul 31, 1851

    Death of Sr Bernard Garden - Foundress of Pontypool, Elgin and Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire.

  • Jul 31, 1922

    The combined convent, boarding school and Notre Dame Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa were destroyed by fire originating from a neighboring house

  • Aug 01, 1836

    First reception at Tullamore - M Catherine Locke, M Clare Delamere

  • Aug 01, 1873

    St Philomena's School opened in Te Aro, Wellington

  • Aug 02, 1945

    Death of M Cecilia Cunningham, Adelaide, South Australia

  • Aug 04, 1873

    Foundation to Rockhampton from Brisbane - M Vincent Whitty/M de Sales Gorry