Prayers Requested

16 Feb

Please Pray For:

Erica Torres

Please pray for healing for Erica Torres who has stage 3c ovarian cancer

04 Feb

Please Pray For:

Michael Day

That Michael will be cured of his cancer of the stomach

Bob Masterson

That his energy return from his recent bout with lung cancer.

Kevin Doherty

Loving God, through the intercession of your beloved Catherine, please bless my son Kevin with continued healing and remission of his leukemia.

31 Jan

Please Pray For:

Diane Sabino Swaner


That the medics may be inspired re her heart complications


Who is suffering from Cancer that his treatment be successful

Chris Bond

That he be given the strength to endure what is to be


New born is hospitalized for dehydration

Stan Mucha

That he may be healed as God desires.

30 Jan

Please Pray For:

Scott Oakley

Please pray for Scott age 27

29 Jan

Please Pray For:

Amy Cremisio

Dear Lord, Through the intercession of your servant Catherine, please bring healing to Amy who continues her battle with cancer.

Margot McDonald

Loveing God, we ask you to wrap Margot in your healing love as she undergoes treatment for cancer.

20 Jan

Please Pray For:

Dorabelle Sands

Merciful God, we ask you to surround Dorabelle with your healing love.

28 Dec

Please Pray For:

Catherine Rose

Baby Catherine Rose, diagnosed with a rare form of a Brain Illness.

20 Dec

Please Pray For:

Diana Kidd

I ask prayers for Diana that she might be cured of psoriatic arthritis that she can resume normal activities free of pain. Thank you.


May he continue to find ways to empower his failing body so that his quality of life soars! With gratitude for life.

05 Dec

Please Pray For:

Dave and Barb

Healing from physical illness

02 Dec

Please Pray For:

Brenna Jones

Pray for Brenna who is very ill with a brain tumour and her devestated family.

22 Nov

Please Pray For:

Joshua Miller

Brain injury only 23 years old

20 Nov

Please Pray For:


For healing

17 Nov

Please Pray For:

Mary Stevenson

Prayers requested for Mary Stevenson, recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.


Healing for cancer that is throughout her body

14 Nov

Please Pray For:


For healing

Felix McCartan

For healing